CAN’T HELP FALLING-  Jason and Piper’s Mix


1. CAN’T HELP FALLING…fleet foxes  2. DOWN BY THE RIVER…milky chance  3. YOU AND ME…murray gold  4. FALLING SLOWLY…glen hansard  5. NICOTINE…panic!at the disco  6. FLAWS…bastille  7. LOVE ME AGAIN…john newman  8. SLOW DOWN…selena gomez  9. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE…boys like girls  10. BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL…labrinth ft emeli sande  11. MAMMA MIA…abba  12. LIVE WHILE WE’RE YOUNG…one direction  13. ONCE UPON A DREAM…lana del ray  14. SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT…5sos  15. LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN…bruno mars  16. I SEE THE LIGHT…mandy moore

 art by minuiko

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a little doodle of the only couple worth shipping (other that everyone in free)

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girls of the twelfth legion fulminata

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Pilot!Jason and airhostess!Piper


Jason presses himself into the seat in the cramped cockpit of the tiny aircraft. He takes a slow breath before starting in on his pre-flight checks. He waves to the maintenance crew as they give the plane a once over. He’s checking the flight control systems when he catches the faint whiff of her. His arm lights up and warms at the same spot she touched him last flight. Jason swallows and focuses on the lights. Not on the lingering smell of beachwood or the soft folksy melody being hummed.

She moves back and forth between the galleys prepping for the flight to come. A can cracks open and hisses it’s release. Jason smiles to himself and feels the coarse grating of his dry throat. He flicks a glance at his watch and tries to remember the last time he ate. The taste of an overpriced sandwich stuck at the back of his throat but cups of coffee are layered freshly overtop of it. He shakes his head and turns back to the controls. In the middle of his last check a shadow falls over consoles.

“Good evening Captain, can I get you anything?” The question rolls off her tongue quickly but sounds just as sincere as the first time she asked.

A kiss, a small voice in the back of his mind utters causing his face to warm.

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I have a request, but you don't have to do it. Can you draw Jeyna? They'd be so cute in your art style.


I’m still on a drawing hiatus and generally do not do requests but you’re very lucky! Because I drew a jeyna pic a few weeks back and was a bit too lazy to upload it! It’s not exactly romantic, but it’s what I’ve got.


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Percy Jackson Ship Weeks → Week Four: Jeyna

And I’ll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are.

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eri il mio soldatino (you were my little soldier)
ora un principe oscuro (now, a dark prince)
ma anche per te, c’è una luce (but even for you, there is a light)
che ad un’altra vita ti conduce (that leads you to another life)


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art by juliajm15

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spicy and mild


jason grace would grow up to be the hot dad

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It’s Rick Riordan’s fault! U.U

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"Are you really the son of Poseidon?"
"Well, yeah."
"Can you surf really well, then?"
I looked at Grover, who was trying hard not to laugh.

"Jeez, Nico," I said. “I’ve never really tried.”


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