Leo x3

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Piper Mclean, Beauty Queen (art, edit)

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Cuties. :D

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I love Frazel so much

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Some warm-ups to start me off for some stuff that requires more effort than just a sketch:/ My favorite lady right here, Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano<3

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thinking about her (piper)

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Birthday Page EditEDIT ➠ beckendorph

Look, I didn’t want to be a demigod

Happy Birthday RACHEL!

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Jeyna - ship or sink

um ship but not nearly as much as jason and piper

Jasico - ship or sink


not like hardcore or anything but i think it’s cute



Jason/Piper for anon. I don’t take requests per se, but depending on how much I like the idea I’ll try…..
Anyway Jasiper might not be my OTP but drawing this I realised that I do have a soft sport for them after all. Also sidecut!Piper.

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This Jasiper has been on my notebook for ages [ref]

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In drawing a gift for olympiandemigods I accidentally thought of my favorite Jason/Reyna headcanon ever. It goes like this:

When Jason and Reyna were elected as praetors (I don’t know if it was together or separate, but that’s irrelevant) there was a huge party throughout New Rome. Of course, these two were the definition of responsibility—until Dakota whipped out a handle and everything went wild. Reyna only got a bit past buzzed, but Jason was a SERIOUS lightweight and was drunk off just a few shots. In their drunken stupor some lip-smacking occurred. The next morning they both awoke with serious hangovers, but only Reyna remembered what had happened between them the night before. Jason treated her as if nothing had happened (which to him nothing had), but she was constantly thinking about him and the kiss. And Reyna never participated in the drinking games in New Rome after that party. That’s also a thing.

But yeah THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK FE! You made the long waits during the releases of books in the Heroes of Olympus series worthwhile. 

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